Wolf reintroduction

A Mexican gray wolf is seen in Eurkea, Montana, on May 20, 2019.

Where wolves: Part II

Critical State

Critical State, a foreign policy newsletter by Inkstick Media, takes a deep dive this week into the politics of wildlife management. The political right tends to campaign on the visceral impact of wolf attacks, but tangible improvements to rural life could offer a counter argument.

A pair of gray wolves in an undated file photo that were moved from the Red Feather Lakes, Colorado, wolf refuge, to a new refuge in northern New Jersey.

How success saving the gray wolf may backfire on environmentalists

The World

Yellowstone Wolves: Ensnared Again in Controversy

The World

Wolf Tourism

The World

Wolf Reintroductions

Shocking Wolves

Wolf reintroduction programs have sometimes met with resistance from ranchers and in northwest Montana a pack of wolves is in trouble for killing cattle. The Fish and Wildlife Service, along with the Turner Endangered Species Fund, is outfitting these wolves with shock collars in an effort to control their appetite for cows. Steve Curwood speaks […]