The capital Quito is the city in Ecuador that has received the biggest numbers of Venezuelan migrants. 

As Ecuador’s political crisis deepens, Venezuelan LGBTQ migrants feel the pain


Ecuador is in the throes of political turmoil and discrimination against foreigners is on the rise. This is affecting gay and transgender Venezuelans particularly hard.

The view from the Emerald Line commuter rail, which follows the Pinheiros river and ends at Vila Natal, one of the enclaves of Venezuelan migrants in São Paulo.

‘We have to fight’: Venezuelan women lead migration to Brazil

Migrants cross the Acandi River on their journey north, near Acandi, Colombia, on Sept. 15, 2021. 

‘I survived a green hell’: More Venezuelans are crossing the dangerous Darién Gap

Maria Isabel Parra takes her turn "at bat" during a kickball match in Riohacha, Colombia, March 26, 2021.

Kickball builds bonds between migrants and locals in this Colombian border city

Two people embrace in a bus station. One of them holds a greeting balloon, candy and a stuffed animal.

Peruvian politician stokes fears of Venezuelan immigrants

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