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Newly trained female officers from the Afghan National Army sit in front seats as a new batch of officers attend their graduation ceremony at National Army's training center in Kabul on Sept. 23, 2010. 

Two decades of war and daily life in Afghanistan


Photographers have been in Afghanistan every step of the way, documenting for the outside world the protracted conflict and occupation over the course of two decades.

Group of US generals in army fatigues walk through the street in Afghanistan.

Biden seems ready to extend US troop presence in Afghanistan

Pentagon officials speak at a hearing

Russian bounty allegations shine spotlight on what Trump admin knew and when

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hangar with roof damaged

Why the military isn’t tracking climate change costs

Climate Change
Korea's Godfather of Rock Shin Joong-hyun got his start as a teenage guitarist at the Yongsan Garrison in Seoul. Now the US military base is closing.

The US military’s Yongsan Garrison leaves a mixed legacy in Seoul

Nigerien soldiers patrol near the town of Diffa, Niger. US Special Forces are training Nigerian troops on Niger's border.

Three US Special Forces soldiers die in Niger, as diplomacy takes a backseat in Africa policy


Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb or a related extremist group is thought to have targeted the US troops, in an attack that highlights an incoherent US policy in West Africa.

“The Spirit of ’76,” by Archibald Willard, which exemplifies the spirit of the citizen-nation in arms, with men of all ages stepping up when needed by their country, the antithesis of a professional, standing army, despised by the Founding Fathers

Trump wants a big military parade, but the Founding Fathers might not approve


President Donald Trump has again mentioned the idea of having a massive military parade in Washington for the Fourth of July. Historically, the US has never put the military on such a pedestal. The Founding Fathers, in fact, despised the idea of a standing army of any sort.

Lucas Chapman in Rojava, Syria.

For some Americans, the conflict in Syria is ‘the Spanish Civil War of our time’


At least 100 Americans have gone — and some continue to go — to Syria to fight against ISIS. Many have joined a Kurdish militia group called the People’s Protection Units or the YPG. What these volunteers are doing isn’t illegal, but it raises many questions.

A gash can be seen in the destroyer, the USS John S. McCain, after a collision with civilian ship on Monday

US Navy pauses global operations and fires an admiral after another collision at sea


The Navy removed a fleet’s commander after another deadly collision. It’s also putting all international operations on hold to remind its sailors of the fundamentals of seamanship.

LGBTQ military servicemember

Queer service member: Trump’s trans ban ‘is about fear and loathing of transgender Americans’


Just over a year after President Barack Obama introduced a new policy to allow transgender people to serve openly in the US military, President Donald Trump is reinstating a ban on transgender service members.