United States Congress Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction

Reports: Deficit super committee fails to reach agreement

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The Super Committee in Congress was supposed to rise above the partisan divide and find a way forward for the necessary deficit reduction in Congress, but now signs indicate that the group of 12 senators and representatives have failed.

Deadline looms for Super Committee action on federal deficit, budget (with video)

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Debt panel considers military budget cuts

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Tentative Fiscal Deal Reached

Senate Looks to Pass Payroll Tax Cut

Real Life ‘Budget Heroes’ Tackle Federal Debt

The Super Committee might not be able to agree on how to fix the budget, but Americans playing a computer game at home called “Budget Hero” show surprising consensus. The Takeaway hears from “Budget Hero” ‘s creator for more.

Grover Norquist on the Failure of the ‘Super Committee’

Disappointing many, but surprising few, the so-called Congressional “super committee” tasked with finding at least $1.2 trillion in deficit reductions announced it had failed to reach an agreement on Monday. Now, a wide range of spending cuts impacting everything from domestic to military programs will be implemented, which economists say will further hinder recovery. President […]

Lawmakers Say ‘Super Committee’ is Likely to Fail

After months of budget negotiations, tensions between Congressional “super committee” members have reached what seems to be a breaking point. With only three days left before their deadline to cut 1.2 trillion dollars from the federal debt, 12 super committee members made the rounds to the Sunday political news outlets and publicly aired their  grievances. Republican […]

Rep. James Clyburn on the Super Committee

It’s mid-November which means that most Americans are thinking about the home stretch towards Thanksgiving: packing bags, confirming reservations, looking up recipes. But in Washington, there’s  a whole different kind of scramble. This Wednesday, November 23, the bipartisan congressional “super committee” must come to a deal on a strategy to reduce the deficit or face serious […]

Super Committee Deadline Approaching

With just under ten days to go until the “super committee” reaches its deadline, the 12 Republicans and Democrats that make up the group will have to agree on $1.2 trillion of deficit reduction or else face automatic cuts in integral areas such as defense spending. Republican Eric Cantor believes  a deal is close. “Yes, I […]