Pregnant women hold their medical cards and wait for their turn to be examined at a government hospital on World Population Day in Hyderabad, India, Friday, July 11, 2014. 

As India becomes the world’s most populous nation, engaging men in family planning ‘will be a game changer’

Reproductive rights

The United Nations projects that next year, India will surpass China and claim the title of the world’s most populous country. India’s population growth has actually been slowing down for many decades, thanks to comprehensive family planning — but the burden mostly falls on women.

women wearing colorful saris gather in a circle.

Rural women in India struggle to access contraception. These people are trying to change that.

Shadowy figures walk down a dark street.

Dozens of Indigenous women forcibly sterilized file a class-action lawsuit against the Canadian government

A Indian woman, who underwent sterilization surgery at a makeshift government facility in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh where at least 13 women died.

India uses mass sterilization ‘camps’ to promote family planning — but at a recent one at least 13 women died