Spanish colonization of the Americas

Special forces police patrol the streets as they drive past a large Cuban flag hanging from the facade of a building, in Havana, Cuba

For the first time, ‘children of the revolution are fighting the revolution’ says former US rep


July 26 celebrations in Cuba were dampened by protests, communication shutdowns and COVID-19 restrictions — a completely different experience from previous years’ fiery speeches and street parties. Former Florida Democratic Rep. Joe Garcia has been watching events in Cuba closely.

A person wearing a pink cap sits at a table near three large, black, plastic rats.

‘Colonialism is scary as hell’: Puerto Rican activists in Chicago stage a haunted house

A member of the Puerto Rican National Guard dodges downed power cables as he hands out food and water

Tiny Montana firm hired to rebuild Puerto Rico’s power grid


Long Lost Spanish Fort Discovered in Great Smoky Mountains

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A New History Puts a Critical Eye to Florida’s Past

A New History Puts a Critical Eye to Florida’s Past

Earlier this month, Florida celebrated the 500th anniversary of explorer Ponce de León’s discovery of the state.  In  new book, “Finding Florida,”  T. D. Allman  takes a critical look at the forces that shaped that state – starting with Ponce de Leon. Allman writes: “Florida is like Play-Doh. Take the goo; mold it to your dream. Then watch the […]

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Pigs to People: Hog Farming Boom

In North Carolina, pork now outweighs tobacco as the state’s major product. Aileen LeBlanc reports from North Carolina on the environmental impacts of the hog farm boom. Waterways that transport hog waste and drinking water are being especially hard hit by this rising industry.