Robert Mueller

Attorney General William Barr is shown wearing a dark suit and red tie while standing in front of the POTUS flag.

Watch live: Barr to condemn rioting at much-anticipated House hearing


Attorney General William Barr is on Capitol Hill on Tuesday to defend his use of federal law enforcement in response to civil unrest in the US and on other controversies including his handling of the investigation into Trump campaign ties to Russia.

Robert Mueller in a photograph

Mueller report is in — but US attorney general decides how much will be public

Roger Stone puts his hands up and makes peace signs as he walks to microphones

The must-read pieces of the Roger Stone indictment

Protesters hold signs that say "It's Mueller time" riffing of Miller Lite's "Miller time" advertisements.

There are at least 17 Trump investigations and they’re ‘bigger and broader’ than most realize

US Representative Adam Schiff speaking to reporters

Rep. Adam Schiff: We may see Mueller report ‘by the end of the year’

Obama to Nominate James Comey to Lead F.B.I.

There seems to be little doubt that President Obama will nominate former Justice Department official James Comey to lead the F.B.I. There has been no official announcement from the White House about Comey’s nomination, but NPR broke the news after talking with sources who apparently have knowledge of the search to replace the current director, […]

Top of the Hour: Keeping Robert Mueller as FBI Chief, Morning Headlines

F.B.I director Robert Mueller’s term is set to end this summer, yet President Obama has asked Congress to extend his term for two more years. Appointed by George W. Bush, Robert Mueller has brought change to the F.B.I, focusing both on national security and anti-terrorism efforts.

In Decade Since 9/11, FBI Head Leaves Mark on Bureau

President Barack Obama is asking Congress to extend the term of Federal Bureau of Investigations Director Robert S. Mueller III for two years. Mueller was sworn in as the head of the F.B.I. just seven days before the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2011 –  an event that marked the greatest challenge ever for the nation […]