Refugee camp

Abdul Saboor, an award-winning Afghan photographer in France, documents a soccer game at a refugee encampment in Calaís, France.

This Afghan photographer captures life in Calaís migrant encampments

Abdul Saboor is an award-winning professional photographer who has traveled across Europe capturing the struggles that migrants endure along the way — from police violence to homelessness and other kinds of mistreatment. 

The new migrant facility on Lesbos will be built next to an active landfill, according to a map published by local media in the fall.

‘This island is a prison’: Migrants say plan for a refugee camp on Lesbos is too isolating

A migrant stands outside his tent at Karatepe refugee camp, on the northeastern Aegean island of Lesbos, Greece, March 29, 2021. The European Union's home affairs commissioner is visiting asylum-seeker facilities on the eastern Greek islands of Samos and

Activists protest migrant facility plan in Greece: ‘Greek islands will not be turned to prisons’ 

Two children sleep beneath gray blankets on the road near the Moria refugee camp on the northeastern island of Lesbos, Greece, Sept. 10, 2020.

Thousands of refugees sleep in streets after fire destroys Greece’s Moria camp

A refugee woman is pictured at the Souda Refugee Camp in Chios island, Greece, June 10, 2017.

Refugees caught in the middle of Greek-Turkish political standoff

A riot police officer hits a migrant with his baton as police tries to disperse a group of migrants outside the port of Mytilene, Greece, March 3, 2020.

Opposition to expanding refugee camps in Greece takes new turn


The Greek government is working to expand refugee camps, but many Greek residents oppose such a move and violence has escalated this week.

A group of children sit in on carpet inside room surrounded by blue tarp

This school at a refugee camp in Lesbos is a safe haven for children 


Journalist Zekria Farzad, a refugee from Afghanistan, established a school for children after his shock at the lack of learning opportunities at Moria Camp, the largest refugee camp in Europe.

An aerial view shows makeshift shelters at the Dagahaley camp in Dadaab, near the Kenya-Somalia border in Garissa County, Kenya, on April 3, 2011.

Refugee camps versus urban refugees: What’s been said — and done

For the most part, host governments favor camps because they see them as a means of isolating potential troublemakers and forcing the international community to assume responsibility.

portable shower

USC students work with refugees to engineer solutions for better camp life


Omer Azizi spent much of the past year developing an app that he calls Safar, meaning “journey” in both Farsi and Arabic, to solve the information gap that exists for refugees worldwide. It came out of an assignment in a unique class he took last year from the engineering school at USC.

Three young men sit closely together and look at a cell phone

Fast friends, Rohingya refugees in exile rebuild their lives in Malaysia


Mohamudul Hasson and Tobarik Huson, both Rohingya from Myanmar, met in Malaysia after taking arduous journeys to escape persecution and stagnation as stateless Muslim minorities. Neither Myanmar nor neighboring Bangladesh recognizes them as citizens.