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‘When in doubt, fry’: tasting the best sate foods from the upper midwest

Do you have a favorite treat from Michigan or dish from Minnesota? For this week’s food segment, we continue our state-by-state journey to find our favorite regional foods from around the country with our friend Ed Levine of

‘Give me cheese curds and give me gravy.’ This festival in Canada is devoted to poutine

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Chef Marc Miron busy in the kitchen at his Cuisine & Passion gourmet shop.

Canadian chef traces Habitant Pea Soup 400 years back to French explorer Samuel de Champlain

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Canadian maple syrup heist continues to cause controversy

Quebec Police Hunt For Maple Syrup Thieves

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Earth Ear: Maple Sugaring

Heating up the sap at Moore’s Sugar Shack in Westbrook, CT.

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Maple Syrup Sound Portrait

Producer Kim Motylewski visits a sugar shack in Natick, Massachusetts and comes back with the sweet sounds that flow from the art of making maple syrup.

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A Harsh Season’s Sweet Rewards: Vermont Maple Syrup

The sap is flowing in the maple trees of the northern forests, and this year that is not something to be taken for granted. The unusually harsh ice storm that ripped through northern New England and Eastern Canada in January damaged many maples putting many sap farmers out of business, at least for this season. […]

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Sweet Sign of Spring: Maple Syrup Starts Its Run

Commentator Susan Carol Hauser on the spring harvest of sap from the maple trees in northern Minnesota where she lives.

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Not-So-Wholesome Maple Syrup

It’s spring, which means the sap is rising and the maple sugar is flowing. Writer Lois Shea went sugaring recently, and talks about this New England ritual.