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A woman politician gives a thumbs up on back of truck

Women are becoming ‘electable’ candidates in India — even when they don’t win

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Historically shut out of Indian politics, women are now busting societal prejudices and gaining political power. 

Narendra Modi gives a victory sign at a rally in his home state of Gujarat, Friday. Modi will be India's next Prime Minister after decisively winning parliamentary elections.

India’s long election ends in a landslide vote for change

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Twenty six year-old Nidhi Misra voted for the first time. “I came out feeling very overwhelmed,” she says. “Overwhelmed with pride and with the realization that we are an effective democracy and the fact that we get to vote is a big deal. Because acros

Millions of Indians take to the polls in the biggest democratic election in the world

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Arvind Kejriwal

Vowing to fight corruption, this Delhi engineer may change politics in India forever

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Serial Blasts Rock Mumbai

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India’s Maoist insurgency

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India is preparing to strike at Maoist rebels. The 40-year-long Maoist insurgency has claimed more than 600 lives just this year. The BBC’s Tinku Ray traveled to a village that used to be under Maoist control but the government has taken it back.