Philosophy of biology

Microbes and Evolution

The microbial organisms in our guts can do more than regulate digestive health—microbes can actually influence evolution, says a new study published in .

Linking Violence and Biology Through DNA

Friday Follow: Supreme Court ObamaCare Hearings, Anger Continues in Trayvon Martin Shooting Death, Bully is Bullied by Ratings Board

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Genetic Genealogy: A Powerful Tool for the Family Historian

Understanding the Sounds of Ecosystems

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NY’s Enviro High

Known for its many specialty high schools, the New York City school system has added an environment high to its ranks. The course-work features ecology, and the school building itself is a model of energy efficiency. Teachers and students alike say the campus garden helps keep attendance high. Reporter Neil Rauch explains.

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Finches Change

Jonathan Weiner, author of The Beak of the Finch, is interviewed about observations in natural selection in these small birds. Weiner also reflects on human choices in consumption and sustainability.

How to Protect an Ecosystem

Host Jan Nunley talks with Steve McCormick of the Nature Conservancy about his group’s efforts to protect entire ecosystems from development. The model they have developed addresses political and economic considerations at least as much as ecological ones.

The Altered Ocean

Spills aren’t the only way oil affects the oceans. Burning fossil fuels also takes its toll.

Endangered Mammals

Twenty five percent of the world’s mammalian species are in danger of extinction, according to the latest Red List survey.