Panama–United States relations

A colorful mural with words in Spanish that read "Never forget, never forgive."

Panamanians remember 1989 US invasion and continue to demand justice and accountability

Conflict & Justice

Dec. 20 is a national day of mourning in Panama in memory of the victims of the 1989 US invasion of the country. At the time, it was the largest invasion since Vietnam and the first after the fall of the Berlin Wall. In the US, it was heralded as liberating the country from dictator Manuel Noriega, a former US ally. But in Panama, many saw it as something much different. The victims of the US action are still demanding justice.

SS Kroonland is seen on 2 February 1915 at the Culebra Cut while transiting the Panama Canal. Kroonland was the largest passenger ship to that time to transit the canal.

The Big Canal

Panama Martyrs Day

50 years ago this week, riots determined the fate of the Panama Canal

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