Ein 'Arik is a small village just west of Ramallah in the West Bank.

‘No one is helping us’: Palestinians in West Bank barred from Israel face unemployment, financial insecurity

Israel-Hamas war

Since Oct. 7, 2023, Palestinians from Gaza and the West Bank have been barred from working in Israel. Tens of thousands in the West Bank who were doing building or agricultural jobs are out of work, and it’s drastically impacting their daily lives and the lives of many shopkeepers as people tighten their belts.

Gaza Sunbird team members distribute much-needed food aid and other supplies in Rafah, Gaza in February 2024.

Gaza Sunbirds paracycling team pivots to aid distribution amid war

Israel-Hamas war
Men sit at a cafe at the Baqa'a refugee camp, north of the capital Amman, Dec. 12, 2023.

Stateless Palestinians in Jordan struggle to make a future

Israel-Hamas war
A banner with a picture of a Palestinian prisoner in an Israeli jail reads in Arabic "Karim Younis, the icon of patience and will, 35 years in captivity, for how long," in the West Bank city of Ramallah

Israel releases longest-serving Palestinian prisoner

Conflict & Justice
Biden in a crowd

President Biden’s visit to Israel focuses on regional security 

Conflict & Justice
Israeli border police officers and Palestinians clash during a protest against the expansion of Israeli Jewish settlements near the West Bank town of Salfit. 

The word ‘apartheid’ is used to describe Israel’s control over Palestinians. Why is it so loaded? 

Conflict & Justice

Human rights groups have used the term apartheid strategically to emphasize the need for a paradigm shift in the region. But others argue that the loaded term doesn’t apply.

A man is shown wearing an orange safety vest and silver helmet and spraying a fire working to extinguish it.

Israel conducts heavy airstrike bombardment on Gaza

Top of The World

Top of The World: As the conflict enters a second week, Palestinians in Gaza awoke on Monday to heavy airstrikes. And, election results in Chile suggest the country’s center-right ruling coalition failed to secure one-third of seats necessary to control the body that will draft the country’s new constitution. Also, the WHO says working long hours is killing hundreds of thousands of people.

signing ceremony

Palestinians worry about the impact of the Abraham Accords. They say it’s time to elect new leaders.

Global Politics

President Donald Trump hosted a signing ceremony on Tuesday with Israel, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. The new alliances have left some Palestinians wondering if it’s time for new leadership.

Palestinian residents of the village of Fasayil in the Jordan Valley sit together for an afternoon tea break.

Israeli plans for annexation weigh heavily on Jordan Valley residents

Global Politics

Under a United States peace plan unveiled earlier this year, Israel had the US’s green light to annex large parts of the West Bank. If that happens, life for the Palestinians and Israeli settlers who live there could get even more complicated.

The separation wall, Baka al-Gharbiyeh

Israel’s Arab citizens contemplate their future under the Trump peace plan


Israel’s Arab citizens living in so-called “Triangle communities” may become citizens of Palestine under redrawn Israeli borders. But not all of them are ready to give up their Israeli citizenship.