Offshore finance

Nanette Senters is one of roughly 1,500 workers at the General Motors factory in Lordstown, Ohio, that will no longer be working there come March.

Rust Belt jobs are still going overseas. The impact could be felt for generations.

President Donald Trump talks a lot about bringing jobs back home. But American companies have continued to send jobs abroad, often with devastating impacts on American communities, more devastating than many of us might think.


Why are the ‘Panama Papers’ a big deal?


U.S. H1-B visa program may help companies outsource, offshore jobs

Global Politics

Taxing corporations’ foreign profits

Is this the Year for Catastrophe Bonds?

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States Lure Insurance Companies Through Looser Regulations

Conflict & Justice

A number of states have begun luring insurance giants back by allowing them to establish “captive” subsidiaries – risk management systems that allow companies to invest and reinsure without as much capital backing. Louise Story joins us for more.

Cat Bonds: Making a Buck Off Disaster

Wednesday on The Takeaway, Wall Street and Finance reporter for The New York Times, Louise Story mentioned the existence of something called a “cat bond.”   How do catastrophe bonds work? Essentially, these bonds are packages of insurance risks and it’s a complex market, says Louise Story. As weather events get worse and more risky, the […]

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Geo Quiz / Geo Answer

The “Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development” or OECD released a “blacklist” of global tax havens at yesterday’s G20 summit in London. The Philippines, Uruguay, and Costa Rica were listed as three of the four worst offenders. For today’s Geo Quiz, we’re looking for the fourth. The answer is the Malaysian federal territory of Labuan.