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Janet Yellen appears to have open path to leadership of Federal Reserve

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Janet Yellen, federal reserve vice chairwoman, became the front-runner in the search for the next chairman of the Fed right after candidate Larry Summers withdrew his name from consideration. Summers ultimately feared a divided Congress would prevent his approval. Yellen is expected to maintain much of the Fed’s current policies.

As Federal Reserve meets, eyes on further economic stimulus measures

Why the Fed should print more money to help U.S. economy

House sales continue to drop

Federal Reserve Eyes End of Stimulus

Easing Economic Stimulus & Protecting the Fragile Economy

That announcement from Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke last week that the Fed plans to pull back on stimulating the economy was one big factor that precipitated what’s being called a liquidity crisis as the financial system tries to imagine a world without the Federal Reserve system propping up the money supply. It’s been a […]

As Bernanke Offers His Economic Outlook, Takeaway Listeners Offer Theirs

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke spoke before Congress today. He gave his assessment of the American economy and proposed new potential measures to foster economic growth. The Takeaway has been speaking with Americans about their experiences since the beginning of the recession, and followed up with three on their economic outlooks. Harley Helms  is a long-distance […]

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A Golden Future? Inflation Fear Underlies Global Rise in Gold

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Why gold is so valuable right now? What is the future of money? The World’s Anchor Marco Werman talks with Matthew Bishop of the Economist, co-author of “In Gold We Trust: The Future of Money in an Age of Uncertainty”, to find out more.

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Bernanke expresses doubts on economic recovery

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In testimony before a Congressional committee on Tuesday, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke warned lawmakers that the economic recovery U.S. “is close to faltering.” Peter Spiegel discusses whether the U.S. could be headed for a double-dip recession.

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The changing nature of economic retreats

Conferences like the Fed retreat at Jackson Hole or Davos weren’t always considered backdrops for major policy announcements. When did this change? And why? We’re speaking with Matt Taibbi, contributing editor at Rolling Stone.