Languages of China

Hu Xin and He Yan Xin as seen in the film "Hidden Letters"

These women are trying to preserve an ancient Chinese language invented as a secret code


Hundreds of years ago, women in China weren’t allowed an education and spent their days locked in rooms, embroidering and making crafts. They came up with a new language that men couldn’t understand — Nüshu — and wrote it onto handmade fans to communicate with each other. A filmmaker is now trying to raise awareness to preserve it before it is lost.

Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner  walks on the carpet before a meeting at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing February 5, 2015.

Argentine president in China to negotiate deals on ‘lice and petloleum’

A job seeker looks at recruitment advertisements at a labor market in Guangdong province, where most people speak Cantonese.

Beijing has a message for China’s Cantonese speakers — stick to Mandarin!

Cantopop singer Corinna Chamberlain, aka Chan Ming Yan.

This blond and blue-eyed singer wows Hong Kongers with her flawless Cantopop

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Cantonese: a Dialect in Peril?

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In official China, Mandarin is favored over all other dialects. That has had a knock-on effect here in the US, where Cantonese used to be the dominant Chinese language. Reporter Nina Porzucki reports from New York on how Cantonese is faring.