Family portrait of the Mabior family.

Daughter of South Sudanese freedom fighters reflects on family and country

Concerned that her mother’s legacy would be forgotten, filmmaker Akuol de Mabior set out to create a new documentary called “No Simple Way Home.” It tells the story of Rebecca Nyandeng de Mabior’s contributions to the liberation of South Sudan.

Women wear red, white, and green clothes and march in a parade celebrating independence.

Self-declared state of Somaliland celebrates 30 years of independence

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A pro-union demonstration organised by the Catalan Civil Society organisation makes its way through the streets of Barcelona, Spain October 8, 2017.

As Spain sinks further into instability, the EU remains mute

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A man uses a cashpoint at a Sabadell bank branch in Pineda de Mar, north of Barcelona.

Big banks plan to abandon Catalonia over its crisis with Spain

A gathering of Marshallese immigrants in Springdale, AR

The proud Pacific nation that preserves its homeland with the Bikini Anthem


The Bikini Anthem preserves the history of the Marshall Islands, which gained independence on May 1, 1979.

Pro-independence Catalonians hold up giant letters reading "We are ready, Independence" during the final meeting before a ceremonial referendum in Barcelona on November 7, 2014.

Catalonia’s leaders plan secession from Spain

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The leaders of Catalonia say they’re ready to secede from Spain if they win an independence referendum this September. But even if Catalans vote yes, the Spanish government is dead set against any breakup.

Thousands of Catalans march in Barcelona for independence

Catalans march for an independence vote of their own

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Hundreds of thousands of Catalan nationalists and their supporters rallied in the streets of Barcelona Thursday to celebrate the vote for independence from Spain they have organized in November. But unlike in Britain, which supports the Scottish referendum, the vote in Catalonia is opposed by Spain. In fact, Madrid says it won’t take place.