Immigration policy of Donald Trump

Jacqueline Flores, left, holds hands with her daughter Nicky at their home in Virginia, July 14, 2021.

Pressure mounts for Biden to end Trump-era Title 42 that shuts out migrants seeking asylum 


Two years later, that policy is still in effect and thousands of people are stuck on the Mexico side of the US-Mexico border, living in crowded shelters, on the street, or in otherwise precarious situations. 

Dora Melara is an attorney working for Justice in Motion, a US-based nonprofit. She took a road trip recently to track down some family members separated at the US border.

This Honduran lawyer reunites families separated at the US-Mexico border. It involves difficult road trips — and detective work.

A child is passed over a border wall to the arms of a man wearing jeans, a red cap and tan sweatshirt.

The pain of family separations is still being felt. What could Biden do? 

A woman traveling from Guatemala, who is six months pregnant with a boy, is examined by a volunteer medic in a motel.

US immigration system is full of hurdles for pregnant women and new mothers


A father with HIV was separated from his daughters at the border

Men in uniform open the door to a house.

A new Trump administration policy could lead to more US citizens being deported


Today, a new Trump administration policy will go into effect that will allow the government to deport undocumented immigrants without a court hearing if they are unable to demonstrate they’ve been in the country for at least two years. Marco Werman spoke with law professor César García Hernández to explain what this could mean for immigrants and deportations across the United States.

A man stands, smiling.

Trump’s hard-line immigration policies build on the history of former US presidents


To Trump critics, immigration raids and squalid holding cells at the US southern border characterize his hard-line stance on immigration. But how do his policies compare to past US presidents? 

A group of protesters walk down a street holding a sign

Detention centers are ‘worthy of your disgust’ in their own right, says Jewish Latina activist


The term “concentration camps” has been used to describe migrant detention centers on the southern border under the Trump administration — and not without controversy. But the term has particularly affected some Latinx Jews.

A woman and three men walk next to a fence with razor wire.

Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen is the latest departure of the Trump Administration


Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen has resigned at President Trump’s request. This comes development comes after Trump’s frustration with illegal immigrants and asylum seekers at the Mexican border, which prompted him to recently threaten to close the border. Nielsen oversaw many of Trump’s most controversial immigration policies, including family separations at the border.

A woman holds a visibly distraught woman with her face in her hand.

Arizona volunteers form ‘underground’ network to house migrants released by ICE


In last three months, ICE has released some 107,000 migrant parents and children in Texas, Arizona and California, many without next steps in place. Shelters, churches and volunteers have stepped in to help these families get to their next destinations. Most are trying to join relatives and friends elsewhere.