evacuees at night

Factory that made essential therapeutic food for malnourished children in Sudan burns down

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Meanwhile, the ongoing fighting in Sudan continues to make it difficult for aid to get into the country, leaving many children at risk of starvation.

People wait outside a shop where face masks and vitamins are being given away in Mandalay, Myanmar

6.2 million Burmese could go hungry by October. It’s the worst situation in ‘living memory,’ UN official says.

Men carrying white plastic bags of food from a pile of bags

COVID sparks a new ‘right to food’ movement across the globe

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Landless Workers' Movement farmers gather food to distribute to poor communities.

Brazil’s small farmers tackle food insecurity, hunger amid the pandemic 

People walk along a downtown street in Johannesburg, South Africa, Monday, March 16, 2020. Millions of women and girls globally have lost access to contraceptives, abortion services and related care because of the coronavirus pandemic.

How women and girls are especially at risk of hunger during the pandemic 

Sweetened juices and sports drinks in bottles are lined up in a row

Half of the world’s children aren’t getting enough nutrients

The problem of malnutrition has changed, a new report says. Now, children in both rich and poor countries may get plenty of food, but it’s nutrient-deficient.

volunteers pack food at a food bank in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Food insecurity rising in Argentina, sparking protest and food-emergency bill


As inflation continues to spiral higher in Argentina, hungry people are increasingly turning to food banks for help. Lawmakers are considering a food emergency bill that would support soup kitchens.

A woman waits to be registered prior to a food distribution by the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) in Thonyor, Leer state, South Sudan.

Drought doesn’t cause famine. People do.


These days, hunger is a political issue spurred on by human conflict.


Venezuela’s military has turned its food crisis into a ‘racket.’ And it’s profiting from people going hungry.


In Venezuela, the military controls the food supply, including everything from distribution to prices. And it’s profiting from the fact that people are going hungry.

Abebe Haregewoin (right) and his father in Ethiopia.

Famine haunted his childhood in Ethiopia. Now he sees food running out again.

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An Ethiopian expat worries for his homeland as drought and climate change threaten to trigger another famine.