US Court Rules Boston College Researchers Can’t Keep IRA Records Sealed

Conflict & Justice

British prosecutors want to access interview records with former IRA members, while researchers want to keep them sealed.

Iowa: Globalization & Immigration

Buckminster Fuller Challenge Finalist

Why Germans Like to Reenact US Civil War Battles

Arts, Culture & Media

Preserving the legacies of Holocaust survivors

Arts, Culture & Media

How Arabic Science Gave Us the Renaissance

Between the powerful days of the Roman Empire and the intellectually vibrant era of the Renaissance, there was a time that we often refer to as Early Middle Ages, or more pejoratively, as the Dark Ages. During these centuries, literature, written history, and cultural achievements were on the decline in the western world.  But just a […]

The Future of the Ecological Landscape

Though 2020 is just ten years away, the stress we’re putting on the planet may make the ecological landscape of the next decade dramatically different. Living on Earth looks ahead to future consumption patterns, agriculture in a world of fewer resources,

The World

Meeting tackles cybercrime

Global Politics

Many computer fraud scams originate in West Africa. Today, computer experts from 20 West African countries met in Ivory Coast to discuss how to fight such Internet scams. Host Lisa Mullins speaks with the BBC’s John James in Abidjan.

The World

Race, immigration, and the presidential election

Race and immigration are two major issues in the current presidential campaign�they’re also old standbys in American politics, as Correspondent Philip Martin has more.