Hafez al-Assad

US President Barack Obama speaks at a meeting with more than 20 foreign defense chiefs to discuss the coalition efforts in the ongoing campaign against ISIS at Joint Base Andrews in Washington on October 14, 2014.

American warplanes have effectively become Assad’s best weapon


Everyone agrees that ISIS needs to be stopped in Iraq and Syria, but there’s almost no agreement among Western countries and their allies on how to get rid of Bashar al-Assad. And as they focus on terrorist groups, they may find themselves actually turning to Assad for help.

Some Syrians Fear an Escalation of Civil War if US Military Strikes

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A View from the Syrian/Turkish Border

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How Would Syria Respond to US Strikes?

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As Syrian Conflict Enters New Phase, Possibilities for a U.S. Intervention

Syrian artists use puppets, YouTube to comment on, illustrate ongoing civil war

Syria’s artists have long been unable to criticize their government and its leaders. In the wake of the current uprising, though, that prohibition has been lifted, if not officially, in practice. A group of artists are using puppets and YouTube to criticize the government and illustrate its violence.

Syrian Alawite defector lives life stuck between two worlds

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad bases his power on his Alawite minority. They make up a big portion of his Army and his government leadership. So, when an Alawite defects, he’s cast as an outsider from his own people, but also by the rebels, who don’t trust any Alawites.

In one of Turkey’s most religiously diverse provinces, close ties with Syria fuel support for Assad regime

In Turkey, the civil strife in Syria has meant refugees streaming across the border. In mostly-Muslim Turkey, most Turks are staunchly on the side of the Sunni Muslims trying to overthrow Assad rule. But in Hatay province, a former Syrian province and one of the most diverse provinces in the country, more people support Assad, perhaps than anywhere outside of Syria.

Landmines cut off escape route of those fleeing Syrian violence

As Syrians flee the increasing violence in Syria, and as government forces increase intensity of their crackdown, many refugees are discovering that Syrians forced have planted anti-personnel mines along the border — making their escape extremely dangerous.

Longtime Syrian dissident Kamal Labwani decries abuses by Assad government

Kamal Labwani spent the better parts of the past decade in a Syrian jail. We was freed last year, fled to Jordan and continue to agitate for the overthrow of the Syrian regime, led by Bashar al-Assad.