Rohingya refugees gather near a fence during a government organized media tour, to a no-man's land between Myanmar and Bangladesh, near Taungpyolatyar village, Maung Daw, northern Rakhine State, Myanmar

Myanmar seeks to have Rohingya case thrown out of UN court


Myanmar’s military junta is attempting to throw out a case at the International Court of Justice that alleges it committed genocide against the country’s Rohingya minority. But a rights group is questioning the court’s decision to allow the military regime to represent the country in the first place.

Jewish and Christian clergy stand together for prayers for the souls of some 60 Jews murdered by the occupying Nazi German forces during a ceremony marking a memorial to the victims in Wojslawice, Poland, Thursday, Oct. 14, 2021. 

A ‘deepening chill’ among historians over Holocaust revisionism in Poland

A protester is shown holding a large sign the has the words, "Stop China's Genocide" on it.

Canada’s parliament votes to call China’s treatment of Uighurs genocide

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A woman stands at a memorial.

25 years after Srebrenica massacre, int’l crimes are still difficult to prosecute

A woman wearing yellow blouse looks at images of men on a computer screen

A 26-year manhunt for Rwandan genocide fugitive ends

Around 11,400 children were deported from France during the Holocaust. Students at Alliance Pavillons Sous Bois will spend time tracing the history of individual child deportees as part of the school's Holocaust curriculum.

Educators in France advocate for better Holocaust curriculum

In January, the US-based Claims Conference, an organization that fights for justice for Holocaust victims, published an alarming survey about French millennials’ knowledge of the Holocaust.

Members of Reporters Without Borders (RSF) hold stencils made by French street artist C215 representing portraits of emprisonned Turkish journalists,

FBI is dismantling its war crimes unit

The special unit has its roots in federal efforts to hunt Nazis living in the United States after World War II.

A woman writes in a book inside a traveling monument called 'Prijedor 92' outside the Yugoslav War Crimes Tribunal (ICTY

What does justice in the former Yugoslavia look like 25 years later?


International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) — created by the UN in 1993 to address war crimes during the Bosnian war — has issued its last conviction.

An armed man walks on a path near the village of Nialdhiu, South Sudan

Online fake news and hate speech are fueling tribal ‘genocide’ in South Sudan


Internet researchers have tracked much of the hate speech back to members of the South Sudanese diaspora in the United States, Canada, UK, Kenya and Uganda, who are apparently inciting violence against people back home.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, and Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza speak to the press in Gitega, Burundi.

US Ambassador Samantha Power: ‘The match could be laid’ to ignite Burundi conflict


Burundi’s leader seems hellbent on dragging his country into more ethnic violence.