Obama’s jobs bill, GOP debate make active week

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A Senate vote on the Obama jobs bill. Yet another Republican presidential primary. And the Occupy Wall Street folks may be running out of time.

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Music Heard on Air for August 16, 2013

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Source of video that led to Romney’s 47 percent problem comes forward

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Viral video mashups play prominent role in campaign cycle

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Democrats prepare to kick off 2012 national convention

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Charlotte, N.C., will take center stage tonight when the Democrats convene their national convention. Michelle Obama will be the big star tonight and kick off urgent efforts to get her husband, President Barack Obama, re-elected.

Report examines Romney emails, advocacy for individual mandate in Mass. healthcare

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When Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts, he passed an ambitious healthcare reform law that President Barack Obama says was the model for Obamacare. While Romney has criticized the individual mandate contained in the federal law, he was a major proponent of it in Massachusetts.

Hilary Rosen criticizes Ann Romney, draws ire of mothers

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Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen caused some controversy Wednesday night when she made a comment on CNN suggesting Ann Romney and other stay-at-home mothers don’t work. The comment has been decried by Democrats and Republicans, and Rosen has since apologized for the comment. However, the debate over Rosen’s intent continues.

U.S. Census releases digital versions of 1940 survey

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The National Archives Monday published online the full records of the 1940 census. It’s the first United States census to be fully digitalized, and the record opens up a rare window to understanding mid-century America.

As Arizona primary looms, Romney picks up key endorsement

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As Mitt Romney looks to consolidate his position in Arizona, and perhaps shore up support for the general election in a state that used to be solidly Republican but it slowly turning purple, he picked up a key endorsement from popular Gov. Jan Brewer.