Pastor Gábor Iványi, one of Hungary’s best-known religious leaders, stands in his office near a photograph.

This pastor officiated Orbán’s wedding. Now he’s one of his fiercest critics.

Sacred Nation

Pastor Gábor Iványi is one of Hungary’s best-known religious leaders. He officiated over Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s wedding and baptized two of his children. Today, he is one of Orbán’s fiercest critics.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban speaks during a panel discussion with a white blurry background.

Orbán portrays himself as a ‘defender of Christianity.’ Critics aren’t so sure.

Sacred Nation
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is shown wearing a blue suit and orange tie while speaking at a podium with two microphones.

Hungary’s parliament overhauls higher education amid outcry

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In this illustration, a man is seen sweeping thought bubbles underneath a rug

As Orbán rises, Hungary’s free press falls

Orbán's Enemies
Budapest protest against Internet tax proposal

Hungarians take to the streets to force their government to dump plans for an Internet tax

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Hungarians turning to music to protest government clamp down on freedom

Arts, Culture & Media

In music and in videos, in addition to on the streets, Hungarians are registering their outrage as their conservative government tightens regulations and pulls back on some of the freedoms that mark a democracy.

Controversial changes to Hungarian constitution have protesters, EU taking notice

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Hungary has wholly overhauled its constitution recently and passed new laws that Prime Minister Viktor Orban said will make the company operate better. Protesters say the constitution is meant to create a dictatorship and now the EU is probing the changes to see if they violate the Lisbon Treaty.

Soundtrack of Hungary’s Protest Movement

Conflict & Justice

Thousands of Hungarians have taken to the streets to protest new laws. They say their government is turning its back on democracy. And their protests have a soundtrack.