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Protesters carry banners and placards at a demonstration during a women's strike (Frauenstreik) in Zurich, Switzerland June 14, 2019.

Thousands of women walk off jobs in Switzerland


Switzerland lags behind other Western countries in terms of equal pay for women. Thousands walked off jobs in a general strike on Friday to draw attention to pay to salaries and other issues.

Bhakti Shringarpure, at left

This feminist author wants to get past ‘feminism-lite’


Ukraine’s Asgarda martial arts program recasts Amazon warrior women

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Ukraine’s Asgarda: Reinventing the Amazon Warrior Women

Conflict & Justice

A group of women have set out to reinvent the spirit of the mythical tribe of Amazon warrior women in western Ukraine. Reporter Ashley Cleek went on quest to find them.

The Feminine Mystique at Fifty

Fifty years ago this week, Betty Friedan published “The Feminine Mystique.”   The groundbreaking feminist text proclaimed that the stalled rigidity of sexual roles was out of step with the other transformations taking place in the 20th century. It was a call to action.    Friedan’s revolutionary book is widely credited with bringing women’s issues to […]

A Look Ahead

Reporters from around the country gaze into Living on Earth’s crystal ball at the major environmental issues of 1992.

The World

The week ahead in Washington (not to mention Indiana and Florida)

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Gazing ahead to the week in Washington, might we see new evidence that bipartisanship is possible? Where is President Obama headed? And what’s going on with the TARP? Helping us gaze into the future is Stephanie Mehta from Fortune Magazine.