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Janet Yellen appears to have open path to leadership of Federal Reserve

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Janet Yellen, federal reserve vice chairwoman, became the front-runner in the search for the next chairman of the Fed right after candidate Larry Summers withdrew his name from consideration. Summers ultimately feared a divided Congress would prevent his approval. Yellen is expected to maintain much of the Fed’s current policies.

Summers Withdraws from Race to Lead Federal Reserve

Debate picks up over two leading contenders for Federal Reserve chairmanship

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Why the Fed should print more money to help U.S. economy

Easing Economic Stimulus & Protecting the Fragile Economy

Two Americans Win the Nobel Prize in Economics

The models for market design and matching theory were developed by Lloyd Shapley and  Alvin Roth, two American economists who were awarded the  Nobel Prize in economics  this week for their work. While their work may not directly address the turmoil of the world markets today, it does have life-altering results for humanity. Shapley, a professor emeritus at […]

Measuring Wealth, One Big Mac at a Time

How do you compare the wealth of nations? An economics professor at Princeton University thinks such a big question has a bite-sized answer: buy a Big Mac. Orley Ashenfelter is the author of the Big Mac Index, which measures a country’s wealth based on a McDonalds worker’s average wage and the cost of a Big […]

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A past Nobel Prize for economics winner on his honor

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University of Chicago professor Roger Myerson won the prize in 2007 for his contribution to the mechanism design theory, which allows economists to identify efficient trading mechanisms, regulation schemes, and voting procedures. Myerson joins us.

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The changing nature of economic retreats

Conferences like the Fed retreat at Jackson Hole or Davos weren’t always considered backdrops for major policy announcements. When did this change? And why? We’re speaking with Matt Taibbi, contributing editor at Rolling Stone.

Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz on America’s Lost Decade

We’re all witnessing a historical moment in the Middle East, as Libya prepares for the end of Moammar Gadhafi’s rule.  And while the revolution that has taken six months to occur is in many ways remarkable, Americans may also be in the midst of our own, quieter moment in history: a lost decade. The recession has […]