Evo Morales

Flags of many countries carried by protesters fill the frame.

Power outage: How did global leadership change in 2019?

Global Politics

US President Donald Trump faces a Senate trial over whether to remove him from office in January. But impeachment is not the only way to remove a leader. Here’s a look at political shake-ups around the world, where both legal and extralegal means to bring about regime change have made headlines.

An indigenous woman holding a Wiphala flag carries a kid, in La Paz, Bolivia November 13, 2019.

Bolivia sees backlash against conservative interim leader


Is Evo Morales leading Bolivia toward dictatorship?

President Evo Morales of Bolivia playing in a friendly match in La Paz in 2011

Bolivia’s president is going to play professional soccer, and maybe win over a few voters


As Morales pushes for more reforms, Bolivians express frustration

Diversion of Bolivia’s Presidential Jet Sparks Outrage in Latin America

Conflict & Justice

Bolivia accuses European states of “aggression” after its presidential plane was apparently forced to land and searched for Edward Snowden.

Bolivian President’s School Reforms Facing Resistence

Global Politics

Bolivian President Evo Morales’ efforts to take his revolution into the classroom are meeting with some resistance from the locals.

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Bolivian President Caught in the Middle

Evo Morales, Bolivia’s president, wants to develop the country’s rich natural resources, including fossil fuels. But he’s also obligated to respect the wishes of indigenous Amazon tribes and local farmers.

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The tradition of chewing coca

Arts, Culture & Media

We’re headed to the Andes for the Geo Quiz. We’re looking for two countries on the South American continent where chewing coca leaves remains popular. It’s been a cultural tradition of indigenous people in Andean countries for centuries.

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Bolivian president makes a play for international intrigue

Naomi Daremblum who teaches about Latin American issues at New York University joins The Takeaway to talk about the alleged assassination attempt on President Morales.