Where in the world are they getting education right?

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The latest international student test scores were announced Tuesday. American teens remained average in reading and science, and lagged other developed nations in math. But some developing countries have seen their scores soar over the years.

The Oath of Allegiance is held next to an American flag during a naturalization ceremony for citizen candidates in Washington, DC, on July 3, 2013.

What does the US citizenship exam actually test?

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New citizens are naturalized during a ceremony in Oakland, California, on August 13, 2013.

Could you pass the test? International citizenship tests are often more interested in cultural quirks than national knowledge

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Arts advocate critical of Obama’s Turnaround Arts Initiative for select U.S. schools

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Are Standardized Tests Blocking Poor Students from Top Universities?

School Year Blog: Are Standardized Tests Blocking Poor Students from Top Universities?

New Report Reveals Half of Nation’s Schools Are Failing

Some new numbers about the No Child Left Behind Act paint a bleak portrait of the country’s education system. According to a report from the Center on Education Policy, 48 percent of the nation’s public schools did not meet No Child Left Behind’s requirements for “adequate yearly progress,” a percentage-based criteria for improvement set by […]

The Social Cost of Changing Your Mind

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Politicians and public figures are often ostracized for changing their minds (think: “flip-flop”). However, having a change of opinion is part of being human. We talk about some examples.

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International Treaty

Commentator Michael Silverstein reflects on the soon-to-be implemented international treaty commonly referred to as ISO 14000, and how he believes the new agreement on standards will aid businesses and the environment alike.

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Testing of BGH

The National Farmers Union wants to aid farmers in deciding to use BGH or not. They are funding research to develop a standardized test separate from the manufacturers own test conclusions. Kelly Griffin reports from Denver, Colorado.

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Obama to overhaul ‘No Child Left Behind’

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President Obama has outlined a series of proposals to change No Child Left Behind. The proposals would shift the focus from test scores to career/college readiness, and would eliminate the 2014 deadline for bringing every child to academic proficiency.