European sovereign debt crisis timeline

Spain could receive next bailout as its financial woes worsen

As the European Union struggles to contain the euro crisis, Spain is quickly approaching an economic collapse. The country is among those in line to receive a Greece-style bailout, though experts say its time for one may come sooner than once expected.

Greek government cancels plans for referendum on European Union bailout plan

Europe gets behind unified plan to try to solve Euro crisis

Keeping the Greek economy from sinking the eurozone

Eurozone leaders hold emergency meeting on debt crisis in Greece

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Uncertainty in Greece After Anti-Austerity Vote

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The EU and Germany have stressed Greece must keep to the terms of the two EU/IMF bailouts, after a surge of voter support for anti-austerity parties.

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German Parliament Approves Greece Bailout

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German lawmakers have voted to back the second EU/IMF bailout for Greece. Until now, most German politicians have been saying Greece must stay in the eurozone. However, some might now be changing their tune.

Greek Students Protest Cuts, Politicians Scramble

Students protest over Greek austerity measures as the cabinet agrees a debt-swap for private creditors.

China Premier Wen Jiabao Vows to Help on Eurozone Debt

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European officials are in Beijing to meet with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao. The big question on many European minds: will China make any firm commitments to help mitigate the eurozone financial crisis.

Top of the Hour: Greece Debt Deal, Morning Headlines

Greece has more homework to do to avoid default and global economic tremors. Eurozone finance ministers considered the latest austerity package and asked for more. First, Athens must find another $ 430 million in savings by Wednesday when the finance ministers meet again. Then Greece’s parliament must approve the terms of the full package of […]