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A man plays music on a traditional musical instrument in the Nubian village of Adindan

Egypt’s indigenous Nubians continue their long wait to return to ancestral lands


Nubians are descendants of an ancient African civilization as old as Egypt itself. Their historical homeland, Nubia, stretches along the Nile covering present-day southern Egypt and northern Sudan.

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This Egyptian singer says forgive, don’t hate


Dissecting The Egyptian Division in Cairo & the United States

Egypt struggling to find agreement on new constitution

Concern develops over growth of xenophobia in Egypt

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Returning Calm to Egypt Day After Bloodshed

Conflict & Justice

There is an eerie calm in Cairo Tuesday, the day after supporters of former president Mohammed Morsi were killed by military troops. Just how long will this calm hold? Host Marco Werman talks with journalist Shahira Amin.

Recent Cartoons by Egypt’s Doaa Eladl

Global Satire

Egyptian political cartoonist Doaa Eladl is a rarity in political cartooning: she’s a woman. Her work has become more visible since the 2011 revolution in Egypt. We were curious what kind of images she’s been using to express Egyptians’ discontent with the government of Mohammed Morsi.

Egyptian General Calls Warring Parties Together for Talks, Opposition Unlikely to Attend

Conflict & Justice

Egypt’s defense minister Tuesday called for a “national dialogue” to be held among the country’s warring political parties.

Egyptian President Mursi Meets with Judges Amid Crisis

Conflict & Justice

Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi is meeting with the country’s judges in an attempt to defuse a growing crisis over his recent decision to take sweeping new powers.

El Set Ghalia: The Egyptian Oprah

Lifestyle & Belief

In a country where a large part of the population struggles to make ends meet, a working class woman has skyrocketed to fame in post-revolutionary Egypt with a new kind of cooking show. Tara Todras-Whitehill reports from Cairo.