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The recession’s impact on women

The New York Times’ Sewell Chan reports on a new White House study on the impact of the recession on women.

Five Years After the Financial Collapse, Is the Economy Still at Risk?

Five Years After the Collapse, The Debate Over Financial Regulation Rages On

U.S. adds 169,000 jobs in August, unemployment falls

New book looks tells fictional tale of post-euro Europe

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Spain could receive next bailout as its financial woes worsen

As the European Union struggles to contain the euro crisis, Spain is quickly approaching an economic collapse. The country is among those in line to receive a Greece-style bailout, though experts say its time for one may come sooner than once expected.

Americans’ trust in banks hit record low as financial scandals continue

In 2007, two in five Americans said they trusted banks. Now, just five years later, that number has dipped to one in five. New York Times columnist Eduardo Porter asks what changed. Do we care about bad behavior in corporate America?

VIDEO: Europe makes moves to plan for possible Greek exit from euro zone

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At a summit meeting on Wednesday, European leaders signaled they’re pushing ahead for contingency planning for a Greek exit from the euro. But that possibility may lead to further unimagined problems.

New book casts America’s economic future in strikingly positive light

Daniel Gross’ new book “Better, Stronger, Faster: The Myth of American Decline and the Rise of a New Economy,” has a more optimistic take on the U.S. economy and its current state.

Recession means new reality for Netherlands, stalwart economy of euro zone

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The Netherlands is one of the richest and strongest economies in the euro zone. But, in recent months, the country has dipped back into recession as it tries to shave nearly $20 billion from its budget. It’s forced some people living on the margins to seek assistance.