Can Art and Football Mix?

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George Plimpton famously combined letters and football when he took a break from his day job as editor-in-chief of The Paris Review to try out for the Detroit Lions – as a 36-year-old rookie quarterback. He documented the sobering experience in his classic book, Paper Lion. He was a great success at the art part… […]

Dallas: Back in the USSR

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Where are the Arts Managers?

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Front of building with sign for Prairieland Detention Center

In a small Texas town, a new private detention center for transgender migrants brings jobs — and concerns

A woman holds up a sign of support during a prayer vigil

Five tips on how to deal with trauma and the news

Ahmed al-Jumaili, who was killed in Dallas last week, had recently joined his wife Zahraa in Dallas after emigrating from Iraq.

A killing in Dallas has the Muslim community on edge


Ahmed al-Jumaili had only been in Dallas for less than three weeks when he was shot and killed. But members of the Muslim community in north Texas say hostility and hate crimes are nothing new, and have been on the rise in recent years.

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DNA evidence exonerates 21st prisoner in Dallas, Texas

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Craig Watkins feels that people are wrongly convicted far too often in our country, and since he was elected district attorney of Dallas, Texas, he’s done everything he can to correct those mistakes.

Second Texas Prosecutor Gunned Down

According to our partner The New York Times, a prosecutor in Kaufman County was gunned down in his home. His wife was also killed. It’s the second killing of a prosecutor in the county, and investigators believe the two crimes are related. Bill Zeeble is a reporter for Takeaway affiliate KERA in Dallas, Texas.

Dallas Is One of Only Three U.S. Cities that Has Recovered Fully from the Recession

Last week the Brookings Institution named Knoxville, Dallas, and Pittsburgh the only three American cities to have officially emerged from the recession. Dallas is the largest metropolitan area of the three, with a population of just over 1.2 million. It also has one of the top performing economies of all U.S. cities. But Dallas is […]

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American Icons: Television’s Dallas

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Remember the prime-time soap opera from the 1980s about a wealthy Texas family in the oil business? Dallas has been off the air for 20 years but it’s still considered one of the most successful television shows in history.