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A hooded man sits on a computer in front of a screen of code.

A new ‘cyber Cold War’ unfolds


The malicious “ransomware” virus that first emerged on Friday has left Russians wondering why the attack had disproportionately targeted their country.

Israeli tenth-graders are learning cyber security skills. The military won't allow photos that show their faces because many of them may later be recruited to Israel's version of the NSA.

Israel teaches cybersecurity skills to its high schoolers

Russian President Vladimir Putin, seen here at a public event on Tuesday, is not reacting to new US sanctions

Putin plays it cool, but Russia is worried about a US cyberattack

Fake news is easy to create. Social bots are simple software applications that help boost the impact of false news on social media sites.

Germany finds itself in the center of the cyberstorm

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On the trail to catch cyber criminals


Cyber Ed: How higher education is re-evaluating a growing threat


Colleges are facing a tough choice: sacrifice security for the sake of access, or lock down their networks and undermine collaboration and sharing on campus.

Members of the Zone 9 blogging collective in December, 2012

For this group of Ethiopian journalists, the Hacking Team revelations are personal


It’s important to remember that there are real victims when private security firms contract with repressive regimes like Ethiopia.

Army 1st Lt. Steven Rose launches an RQ-11 Raven unmanned aerial vehicle near a highway bridge project along the Euphrates River north of Taqqadum, Iraq.

As history shows, future wars will look very different


The basic components of human conflict may never change, but the way we fight certainly will.