Conservatism in the United Kingdom

Military tanks pass by a building featuring traditional Chinese architecture.

Misusing culture in international politics: Part I

Critical State

Neoconservative intellectuals have long turned perceptions of East Asian culture into ammunition for a global political agenda, according to historian Jennifer Miller. Critical State takes a deep dive into Miller’s new article that charts these patterns.

Around the world, people remember Britain’s Margaret Thatcher, dead at 87

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Margaret Thatcher’s Funeral Held in London

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The World

Margaret Thatcher: The Headmistress Britain Still Loves/Hates

Global Politics

Iron lady or Camp Icon? Growing up Gay in Thatcher’s Britain

Arts, Culture & Media

Margaret Thatcher, Social Class and UK Pop Culture

Arts, Culture & Media

Anyone who lived through Britain’s Thatcher years won’t forget them in a hurry. Politically, there were no fence, sitters: you were either with her or against her. She was adored and reviled, and not much in between.

Thatcher’s Mixed Legacy Around the World

Arts, Culture & Media

Margaret Thatcher’s reputation around the world is mixed. Some love, some hate her. Anchor Marco Werman shares views from eastern Europe, Africa and Latin America.

Reaction to Death of Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died peacefully after a stroke this morning, her spokesman announced Monday. She was 87 and was not only Britain’s first woman Prime Minister, but the longest-serving Prime Minister this century.