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On May 1, two large marches weaved across San Salvador in commemoration of International Workers Day. 

El Salvador president’s popularity soars with controversial approach to crime


President Nayib Bukele has enjoyed a sky-high approval rating of 91% for his crackdown on crime. But thousands of families say their sons and husbands have been unjustly imprisoned under his recent suspension of civil liberties.

Boy sitting on cream sofa holding child's drawing, looking at it

A 3-year-old held up by Canada’s no-fly list? His parents say it’s ‘ridiculous.’

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Two black and white illustrations featuring a dancing Josephine Baker, arms raised.

Bio shows how Josephine Baker ‘shattered notions’ of black artistry

Mohamed Zaree giving a talk with the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies in Egypt.

Meet the winner of the ‘Nobel for human rights’ that Egypt doesn’t want you to know about

Sign box at border with button to press for help

President Trump, do you plan to prosecute those who give aid or shelter to undocumented immigrants?

Freedom University

How some immigrant student activists are tapping the civil rights playbook


In Georgia, some undocumented students are turning to civil rights-era leaders to fight for education rights. They say restrictions they face now still smack of Jim Crow. Not everyone agrees.


Japanese Americans remember a dark chapter when they were ‘more number than name’


Looking back to the US incarceration of Japanese Americans and how, as one historian puts it, people can “lose sight of our important national values of justice and rule of law.”

black and white photo of people holding up signs of location names

New immigration policies are convincing more Japanese Americans to engage in the radical act of remembering


Americans were discriminated against and incarcerated during World War II because of their ancestry. Which in turn created a generation of their descendents who don’t want to see it happen again.

TSA Pre-check sign in front of escalator

My dad was strip-searched at the airport last weekend — and it’s a wake-up call for us all


Mythili Sampathkumar says “extreme vetting” would affect us all. Here’s why she says we need to resist.

Protesters march with a sign that says "Obama: Shut down NSEERS"

The US has already tried registering Muslims. It didn’t work.

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In the months after 9/11, the US government set up a system to register and interview men from Muslim-majority countries in an effort to combat terrorism. It was quietly shelved after a few years mostly because it didn’t work. Trump’s advisors want to bring it back.