US President Donald Trump, centre left, and the Prince Charles The Prince of Wales, centre right, join other NATO leaders before posing for a formal group photo

Insult to injury: Part II

Critical State

Critical State, a foreign policy newsletter by Inkstick Media, takes a deep dive into how insults play out in informal settings behind highly formal events. 


San Diego school district and parents reach settlement over Muslim civil rights program

A webcomic with two panels depicts a woman telling a story.

An Indonesian defamation law landed this teacher 6 months in jail for documenting her abuser

Two women wearing head scarves watch a man at a podium.

As Muslim students fight for protection, some parents battle to keep Islam out of schools

Veronica Mbithe trains at the Dallas Boxing Club in Muthurwa,  Nairobi

This young Kenyan turned to boxing to protect herself from assault

microaggression 2

What are microaggressions? Let these high school students show you.


Students and staff at a high school in Oregon have come together to fight back against the hurtful words they’ve experienced at school and in their community.

Broadway in New York City

There’s a campaign underway to get the sexual harassment out of showbiz


Sexual harassment is pervasive in show business, especially in the world of theater. But that doesn’t make it OK — and now there’s a new effort to get things in check.

Turkish bus station

In Turkey, reporting harassment can be worse than being groped

Conflict & Justice

Sexual harassment, from catcalls to groping by strangers, is a common experience for women living independently in cities in many parts of the world. Usually, the harassment goes unpunished. But a woman in Turkey pursued a harasser who groped her and won her case.

Reported incidents of boy-on-boy sexual hazing on the rise

Conflict & Justice

A school principal in Colorado, whose 13-year-old son was sexually assaulted by three upperclassmen, says the small town they lived in did little to support his son or prevent further incidents. The case is just one in a what a recent study says is a rising number or boy-on-boy sexual hazing incidents.

Egyptian women regularly facing, fighting sexual harassment

In Egypt, sexual harassment has become a common problem. And it’s a problem that officials aren’t doing anything about. It’s even infected the heart of the revolution, Tahrir Square, where even a protest rally against sexual harassment ended in a number of women being attacked.