Former combat medic Hector Bernal trains soldiers in tactical medicine at his center outside Bogotá. Bernal says he’s trained more than 20 soldiers who have gone to Ukraine recently.

Colombian army veterans join Ukraine’s army — motivated by financial need


Hundreds of Colombians have recently enlisted in Ukraine’s military, as it tries to replenish its forces after months of heavy losses on the frontlines. But many are not going for ideological reasons.

At a job fair in Bogotá, psychologist Nicolas Londoño showed groups of young men how to change a baby's diapers.  Londoño works with Care School for Men, an educational program funded by the city government. 

‘We can all learn to care’: Colombia’s capital city wants men to do more chores at home

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A mariachi band plays at the Plaza MX nightclub in Bogotá on Friday, June 11. The club was forced to close for much of last year, but was finally allowed to open fully in June as Colombia's government tries to restart the economy.

Colombia loosens COVID restrictions to save the economy as deaths soar

Colombia's President Iván Duque, reacts during the presentation of the award of the contract for the construction of the Bogotá subway, Oct. 17, 2019.

By building Bogotá metro, China makes a new breakthrough in Latin America

A family member of Javier Ordonez, who died after being detained by the police, wears a T-shirt that reads: "Justice for Javier" during his funeral in Bogota, Colombia, Sept. 16, 2020.

Report: Colombian protesters’ killings follow pattern of police violence

A police officer wearing a face mask asks for identification documents to a driver in one of the neighborhoods where the mayor's office decreed strict quarantine, amidst an outbreak of the coronavirus disease, in Bogota, Colombia, July 14, 2020.

Bogotá tries ‘staggered quarantine’ to slow coronavirus spread

Officials in Bogotá, Colombia are ordering residents in some boroughs to stay in their homes for two-week intervals in hopes that staggering a shutdown across swaths of the city will allow most economic activity to continue while slowing the rate of coronavirus infections. 

A student leans over a candle at a memorial with lots of photos and paintings

How one protester’s death by Colombian riot police polarized the movement


Dilan Cruz’s death made him a martyr in the eyes of many Colombians, reigniting mass protests just as they began to fade. But his death has also been used to politicize the moment as President Ivan Duque attempts to quell the weeks-long protests. 

Police examine a bombed-out office in Bogota's financial district

Two bombings in Bogota draw attention to renewed violence in Colombia


It looked like Colombia was getting more peaceful — but in recent months, that’s changed.

Colombia fans celebrate as they gather before the World Cup Group C soccer match between Colombia and Greece. After the 3-0 win, nine Colombians died in the alcohol-fueled postgame parties.

Why Colombia’s capital is cracking down on alcohol after World Cup deaths


In Colombia, World Cup celebrations turned rowdy — and deadly. Nine deaths and widespread arrests led some cities to ban alcohol while Colombia is playing, which has saved lives but devastated some businesses.In Colombia, World Cup celebrations turned rowdy — and deadly. Nine deaths and widespread arrests led some cities to ban alcohol while Colombia is playing, which has saved lives but devastated some businesses.

Santiago Ramírez at the Real Sound Studio in Bogota, where they compose jingles for political candidates. He says they once had a conservative client, a Colombian Mitt Romney-type, who asked for a raunchy reggaeton tune so he could connect with young vote

In Colombia, if you want to stand out in a political race, you have to hire a jingle writer

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It’s a standard issue in elections: how do you make your candidacy stand out? But what if you are in a field of thousands of candidates, and, instead of your name, you have to plug your number?