The CAFEMIN shelter in Mexico City is designed for 80 people, but it's currently hosting 500, with most of them sleeping on gym mats in the shelter's basketball court.

Shelters for migrants in Mexico City overwhelmed as US changes its asylum rules


Migrants from many countries were previously able to cross the US border on foot and turn themselves in to officials to begin asylum proceedings. But since May 12, it’s become much harder, and those turned down are banned from re-entering the US for the next five years. Many are now trying to secure appointments through a US government app, but spaces are limited.

man at podium

Afghans who fled to the US hope that Congress will fix their status 

Migrants cross the Rio Grande river towards the US in Eagle Pass, Texas

More migrants are attempting to cross into the US via the perilous Rio Grande

Asylum-seekers pray as part of a vigil following the court order mandating Title 42 remain in place on May 23, 2022.

‘That news hit us like a bomb’: Asylum-seekers still in limbo after ruling to keep Title 42 intact

A man sweeps the floor in a church being turned into an apartment

Refugees in Maine find it harder to afford housing as remote workers move in

Figures of a 7-year-old migrant girl walking with a woman and unidentified man silhouetted at night

Many asylum-seekers are returned at the US-Mexico border under Title 42. Advocates call it a ‘sham.’


A bottleneck continues to build in Mexico near the US-Mexico border, as a public health order invoked by the Trump administration remains in place and shuts out many migrants and asylum-seekers from entering the United States.

A Honduran migrant woman carries a child on her back as they travel with other migrants by foot along a highway in Chiquimula, Guatemala,  Jan. 16, 2021, in hopes of reaching the U.S. border

How the Biden administration might undo some of Trump’s immigration policies

The incoming Biden administration has said it will overturn policies such as the bilateral agreements the Trump administration made with Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador to keep asylum-seekers away from the US-Mexico border.

Two children sleep beneath gray blankets on the road near the Moria refugee camp on the northeastern island of Lesbos, Greece, Sept. 10, 2020.

Thousands of refugees sleep in streets after fire destroys Greece’s Moria camp


The destruction of the camp on the Greek island of Lesbos worsened an already dire situation for refugees and asylum-seekers on the island.

A Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officer announces to a group of asylum-seekers that they will be crossing illegally into Canada as they wait in line to to enter at the US-Canada border in Champlain, New York, August 7, 2017.

Canada judge rules sending asylum-seekers back to the US violates their rights


A Canadian judge ruled the bilateral agreement between the US and Canada violates asylum-seekers’ rights because of what happens after people are turned back to the US.

The Supreme Court building

SCOTUS rules some rejected asylum-seekers can’t challenge decisions


The ruling says immigrants denied asylum under streamlined proceedings, cannot contest that decision in court.