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Richard Holbrooke: The Man Who Knew How to End a War

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Richard Holbrooke, President Obama’s special representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan and famed diplomat, died of heart failure yesterday. He was 69. Holbrooke was the man that many presidents had turned to when they wanted to find a way to end a war. In the mid-1990s, Holbrooke helped broker the peace accords that ended the war […]

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Richard Holbrooke’s life and last words

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Richard Holbrooke’s legacy all over Afghanistan, Pakistan

Credit default swaps on European debt in billions

$150 billion in aid for top insurer AIG

Wall Street turmoil, Main Street worries

AIG and Lehman Brothers — the latest economic crisis and what’s at stake for ordinary Americans.

Unemployment and credit card debt

Americans have racked up $14 billion dollars in credit card debt in June alone — why unemployment might be to blame.

A.I.G. Considers Bailout Lawsuit

Not long ago, American taxpayers bought out the insurance giant A.I.G.  They’ve recently launched an ad campaign thanking you, the taxpayer, for the help. Saying thank you, many parents would argue, is an American value. But you might also be interested to know that A.I.G. is also considering suing you, the American taxpayer (by way of […]

Looking Back on Holbrooke’s Legacy

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Richard Holbrooke was the Obama administration’s pointman for the civilian side of the Afghanistan war. He died suddenly in December 2010, leaving some successes that are sometimes overlooked, and they have to do with Pakistan.

AIG Plans Suit Against Hedge Funds Over Mortgage Securities

In 2008, the government offered an $85 billion bailout to American International Group Inc.,  one of the world’s largest insurance companies,  in order to prevent its collapse. When AIG accepted the bailout, it waived its right to sue banks over most of the mortgage securities that it had acquired. But, it did not give up its right […]