Homeland in Pakistan

The Pakistan in ‘Homeland’ is unrecognizable to this Pakistani author


The fourth season of “Homeland” take viewers to Pakistan and Afghanistan, or at least some version of those countries. But Pakistanis who watched the recent premiere are angry with the many inaccuracies they’ve found, saying the show might stoke unwarranted fears about their country.

The Doolittle Raid of 1942

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Pentagon Report Says Both US and Pakistan to Blame in November’s Deadly Airstrike

US Admits Culpability in Deadly Pakistan Airstrike

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Pakistanis React to NATO Airstrike at Border Post

Global Politics

Reporter Fahad Desmukh has a story on the reaction to a NATO airstrike on a Pakistani border post over the weekend.

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Taking the CIA to court over drone attacks

Conflict & Justice

Pakistani tribesman are taking the CIA to court over allegations that US drone strikes killed their relatives. The BBC’s Aleem Maqbool talks with Lisa Mullins about the drone attacks in Pakistan’s tribal region.

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U.S. air strike on Pakistan border area

Pakistan and the United States have had a tenuous partnership since the Bush administration launched its war on terror