American missionary accused of abuse at his organization, AidChild

The World’s Halima Gikandi’s yearlong investigation has found several allegations of abuse and neglect at AidChild going back a decade.

Under the suspicion of drug consumption, police officers frisk a group of migrants at a camp on a street in downtown El Paso, Texas, April 30, 2023.

Report: Human rights abuses by US immigration officials are rampant at the southern border

US President Donald Trump, centre left, and the Prince Charles The Prince of Wales, centre right, join other NATO leaders before posing for a formal group photo

Insult to injury: Part II

Critical State
An arm with an orange band with black letters spelling out "Police"

‘Our phones are our only weapon’: French citizens demand police reform to address racism

Colorful booklets in Asian languages on 'How to Report a Hate Crime'

‘How to Report a Hate Crime’ booklets empower Asian Americans amid rise in discrimination

Women look out of a crowded bus traveling from the outskirts of Beijing.

Putting China’s domestic violence law into practice is an uphill battle


It’s been five years since China issued its landmark national domestic violence law. Since then, the conversation still remains taboo and survivors have turned to social media to raise awareness and call for help. 

A close-up portrait of a young, light-skinned Black woman with curly hair wearing gold-hooped earrings

‘EastEnders’ soap highlights increased domestic violence during lockdown

Women & Gender

In the UK, three women are killed every two weeks, and during the coronavirus lockdown, domestic violence dramatically increased as women living with their abusers became trapped.

domestic abuse discussion

UK lawmakers push to include financial abuse in domestic violence law

Women & Gender

New legislation is being considered in the UK Parliament that will define it as a form of domestic violence. Under the legislation, financial abuse could lead to stiffer penalties.


The Oxfam scandal shows that reform is needed in the humanitarian aid sector


COMMENTARY: Reporter Amy Costello writes that speaking plainly about sexual abuse and harassment in the humanitarian aid sector is long overdue.

Abu-Baker Sebeela stands in a tavern holding up a pamphlet

Why violence is linked to the rising rate of HIV in South Africa’s young women


It doesn’t help that the South African legal system has been slow to recognize violence against women.