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Anti-immigration activists attend a protest in the South Korean capital of Seoul on June 30, 2018. They were protesting against a group of hundreds of Yemeni asylum-seekers who arrived on the South Korean tourist resort of Jeju Island in recent months. Th

A protest against Yemeni refugees reveals how South Korea has been ‘educated to think about foreigners’

In recent months, hundreds of people fleeing the war in Yemen have arrived at a tourist destination off the coast of South Korea. But neither the government in Seoul, or the South Korean public, seems to want them to stay.

US Air Force intelligence officer, Donald Nichols ran a covert network of spies who infiltrated North Korea and fed information back to Nichols' headquarters in South Korea. He trained and deployed hundreds of agents, many of whom were sent on suicide mis

This American spymaster from the Korean War was nearly forgotten

Catholic priests lead a protest march at an anti-nuclear demonstration outside of Seoul in April 2017.

South Korean Catholics take the lead in protesting against nuclear power

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Yoido Full Gospel Church began in 1958 and grew by serving poor and working class South Koreans who moved to the capital city of Seoul. Today, it's largest megachurch in the world.

The biggest megachurch on Earth and South Korea’s ‘crisis of evangelism’

South Korean Buddhists gather every year to recite the Diamond Sutra with monks from the Jogye Temple in Seoul. This year was special, with a presidential election coming up on May 9th.

In South Korea, pretty much everything is a little bit Buddhist. Including politics.

Kevin and Julia Garratt shown with two of their three children, Peter and Hannah.

China is cracking down on the missionary lifeline that helps North Korean refugees


Missionaries have been spreading the Gospel and doing humanitarian work with North Korean refugees in northeast China for a long time. But detentions of foreign missionaries are rising as Beijing clamps down on Christian activity, trying to help stabilize its North Korean allies.

In Korea, trees planted in Mongolia bring hopes for fewer dust storms

South Korea a few times a year will be wracked with terrible dust storms carried on the jet stream from Mongolia’s Gobi Desert. The yellow, talc-like sand is born up by winds and then carried for miles until it causes asthma attacks in Seoul. But Koreans are hoping newly planted trees will help put an end to that.