Israelis mark 6 months since attacks in the south of the country

Israel-Hamas war

Hamas’ deadly attacks on southern Israel on Oct. 7, 2023, left about 1,200 people dead, and about 250 taken as hostages. Some of those hostages were released after negotiations with Hamas last November. Most of the world first saw the terrifying videos and images from a music festival where hundreds had gathered for the weekend. Host Marco Werman traveled to the Nova music festival site and two other areas where Hamas struck. 

Special Guest: Simon Winchester

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Sarajevo Revisited

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The Riot of 1900

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Little Queenie

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Silver Jews

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David Berman called his first band Silver Jews; they helped define a style of indie rock called “lo-fi” — deliberately rough songs that sounded like they were tossed off while recovering from a hangover. But Berman had never toured with his band; he preferred to make his records and write his poems at home, living […]

Fred Hersch Whirls Again

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Two years ago, celebrated jazz pianist Fred Hersch was in the throes of a life-threatening, A.I.D.S.-related dementia. He’d been living with H.I.V. since the mid-’80s, but when the virus spread to his brain, he suffered hallucinations, paranoia, and fell into a coma. Perhaps the only thing more miraculous than his survival was his recovery. Two […]

Nepali immigrants registerf or TPS at a clinic at highschool in Queens organized by Adhikaar last March.

With earthquake recovery back home stalled, Nepalis push for renewed protections in the US

Global Politics

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake caused huge devastation in Nepal in April, 2015. Many Nepalis in America at the time were allowed to stay — and now they want to continue to live in America to help support their families who are still recovering.