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Immigrants in Arizona are campaigning to oust a controversial sheriff

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Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio has earned friends and foes nationwide for his tough stance on illegal immigration. Now, immigrants and their allies in several US states are mobilizing to get him out of office.

Arpaio sits on a folding chair in a gym

What you need to know about the criminal case against Sheriff Joe Arpaio


Justice Department accuses Joe Arpaio’s sheriff’s department of pervasive racial profiling

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Does ‘One Person, One Vote’ Mean ‘One Voter, One Vote’?

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Investigating Sheriff Joe Arpaio

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The Department of Justice vs. Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Conflict & Justice

The Justice Department announced Thursday that it has filed a lawsuit against Arizona Sheriff Joseph Arpaio, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office and Maricopa County. We speak to Valeria Fernandez, journalist for Feet in 2 Worlds.