This bank hired its first female employee, and now women line up to open accounts


Sreeja Singh Berwal wound up in conservative northern India through an arranged marriage. Her education and job skills landed her a job at a bank, and now women are flocking to open accounts with her. But she remains the bank’s only female employee.

Footage of two Indian sisters defending themselves from harrassment was filmed on a phone by a fellow passenger.

Indian sisters revive the country’s debate over women’s safety by fending off male attackers on camera

Girls eating their lunch at a government school in Bawani Khera village, in south central Haryana.

India’s free school lunches can fight — or reinforce — caste discrimination in India

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At a government school in Paposa, Haryana, children devour kadhi and rice.

India’s school lunch program not only fights hunger — it can breed tolerance

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Schoolchildren in Haryana, India eat rice and kadhi, a curry made with onions, garlic, yogurt and fritters made with chick pea flour.

India’s school lunch program may be imperfect, but it deserves credit for feeding millions

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Cooks Beddo and Bimla, make rotis (a wheat flat bread) at a government school in a village  called Bawani Khera, in south central Haryana. The menu for the day is roti and a vegetable dish.

Here’s why kids — and parents — in India love the country’s school lunch program

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India’s mid-day meal program is the largest free school lunch program in the world. It has its critics, but it makes kids want to go to school.India’s mid-day meal program is the largest free school lunch program in the world. It has its critics, but it makes kids want to go to school.

Trafficking of young girls in India a growing problem amid gender imbalance

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India has a growing problem with trafficking of young women. Oftentimes, though, these women aren’t sold into prostitution, per se, but rather into forced marriages. It’s a problem exacerbated by a culture that has allowed female fetuses to be aborted, leading to many more men than women.

The Trafficking of Girls in India

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Every year tens of thousands of girls in India are sold into a life of violence and abuse. Many are sold to be brides. That has a lot to do with gender imbalances and the widespread practice of aborting female fetuses in northern India.

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Online marriage service booms in India

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The answer to today’s Geo Quiz is the Indian city of Chandigarh. It’s one of several Indian cities where the country’s biggest online matchmaking and marriage website is marketing its services. Tinku Ray reports on the website called Shaadi.com.