Physics & Chemistry

Did Dark Matter Kill the Dinosaurs?

The dinosaurs never saw it coming. When a giant space rock smashed into the Yucatán Peninsula some 65 million years ago, their global reign ended in catastrophic violence. But that space rock—perhaps a comet several miles wide—might have had a stealthy accomplice: dark matter. Dark matter, of course, is the invisible stuff that makes up […]

Picture of the Week: LUX’s Photomultipler Tubes

Agatha Christie: From Pharmacist’s Apprentice to Poison Expert

Picture of the Week: DNA Bunny

Picture of the Week: Kelvin-Helmholtz Clouds

The Antenna That Detected the Big Bang

The following is an excerpt from The Geek Atlas, by John Graham-Cumming. Listen to SciFri on July 10, 2015, to hear him talk about other destinations in the book. Horn Antenna, Holmdel, NJ 40° 23′ 26.61″ N, 74° 11′ 5.57″ W Down a private road on top of Crawford Hill in Holmdel, New Jersey, is […]

Take the Science Friday Lollipop Challenge!

Hello Science Friday fans and candy enthusiasts! It's time to officially and scientifically answer one of the universe's greatest mysteries: How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop? That profound conundrum is the subject of our newest video, “The Lollipop Postulate,” in which several researchers at […]

Picture of the Week: Ferrofluid

Magnets are pretty cool. The way they attract and repel—it’s like magic. But a liquid magnet? That’s even cooler. Called a ferrofluid, such a liquid is comprised of tiny magnetic particles between 10 and 15 nanometers wide suspended in a fluid. In the presence of a magnetic field, the material ebbs and flows according to […]

Solar Convection

In this activity from Lawrence Hall of Science, you'll use hot and cold water to see how fluids at different temperatures move around in convection currents.  Be sure to share what you've learned about the sun and convection during Science Friday's Science Club, using the hashtag #ExplainTheSun. Age Level: 10 and up  Time Preparation: 5 minutes  Activity: 10 […]

Map Sun Trails

In this activity from Lawrence Hall of Science, you'll use photosensitive paper to record how the sun moves across the sky.  Be sure to share what you've learned about the sun during Science Friday's Science Club with the hashtag #ExplainTheSun. Age Level: 6 and up  Time Preparation: 5 minutes  Activity: 5 minutes Cleanup: 5 minutes Materials  Sunprint paper […]