Viktor Orban

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban speaks during a panel discussion with a white blurry background.

Orbán portrays himself as a ‘defender of Christianity.’ Critics aren’t so sure.

Sacred Nation

Viktor Orbán, Hungary’s prime minister, portrays himself as a defender of Christianity, a religion which he says is under threat as a result of immigration, globalism and liberalism. Orbán’s critics question the sincerity of the Hungarian leader’s faith and wonder if his pro-Christian rhetoric is simply all about staying in power.

Roma radio presenter Szandi Minzari and co-host Melanie Nagy are both divorced, single mothers who speak about taboo issues in Hungary's Roma community.

A new Roma radio station gets people talking about taboo issues in Hungary

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Hungarian PM Viktor Orban arrives for the an extraordinary meeting of EU leaders to discuss Ukraine, energy and food security in Brussels

Hungary’s Orban wins exemption in EU Russian oil embargo

Smoke rise from an air defense base in the aftermath of an apparent Russian strike in Mariupol, Ukraine, Feb. 24, 2022.

Russia attacks Ukraine; peace in Europe ‘shattered’

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is shown on a TV hanging on the wall in the distance with several people wearing face masks stand in the nearground.

Blinken pushes back against lawmakers’ criticism of Afghanistan withdrawal.

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is shown wearing a blue suit and orange tie while speaking at a podium with two microphones.

Hungary’s parliament overhauls higher education amid outcry

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Hungary’s parliament on Tuesday voted to transfer state assets worth billions of dollars into foundations that will control many of the country’s public universities and cultural institutions, a move opposition figures have decried as a theft of public funds.

A woman is shown walking with through a area with flowering trees while holding an umbrella.

Japan declares emergency; Coronavirus impacts democratic participation; Hezbollah’s latest front line?


Japan has issued emergency declarations for several prefectures, and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson remains in intensive care. And, in Lebanon, Hezbollah’s latest front line is the fight against coronavirus. And in Iran many are wondering if they can survive the disease and the financial crisis accelerated by US sanctions. Also, these monkeys at the Tulane National Primate Research Center are helping humans fight the coronavirus.

A man in a suit stands in front of European flags

Emergency authoritarianism? Hungary’s Orbán uses coronavirus to seize more power


Hungary’s government under Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has granted itself sweeping powers under the auspices of the coronavirus pandemic. But critics warn it is hastening Hungary’s authoritarian decline.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is shown standing among lawmakers and wearing a dark suit jacket.

Global leadership withers as strongmen grab power; Unemployment rises, frontline workers fear for livelihoods; Gaza Strip fears spread of the coronavirus

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Novel coronavirus cases continue their exponential rise. But desperately needed global leadership is retreating behind national borders — and in some cases, leaders continue to deny the severity of the crisis. Also, unemployment in the US has hit record numbers, and health care workers around the globe continue to face personal and financial risks. And, should Americans be wearing masks in public? When the people are away, the animals will come out to play. In Wales, a herd of goats has taken to the streets of a resort town.

Protesters wa;l through the streets of a city carrying Russian flags and large signs written in Russian.

Laws are chipping away at democracy around the world

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New research shows how recent laws have slowly eroded the role of nongovernmental agencies all over the world . Experts have said that these actions threaten democracy in countries where institutions have already become weak. See where and how laws like these have had their biggest impact.