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three marble structures lined up

Greece hopes Brexit will stir a renewed debate over Parthenon Marbles

More than 200 years ago, the British ambassador to the Ottoman Empire took a large part of the decorative marble sculptures and architecture off the outside of the Parthenon and brought them to London, where they now sit in the British Museum. For nearly 200 years, Greece has been asking for them back, to no avail. 

Russian anti-gay laws have some calling for a 2014 Olympic boycott

Global Politics

Reporter James Kirchick Hijacks Russia Today Broadcast to Protest Anti-Gay Laws

Conflict & Justice

Stephen Fry’s New Film ‘Doors Open’

Conflict & Justice

A Dubious Award For The Squeezed Middle

The World in Words

Fry’s Planet Word, and the Rise of Belizean Creole

The World in Words

An interview with writer and actor Stephen Fry, who has made a series on language for BBC TV.