Qassem Soleimani

A crowd of people are shown at night holding candles with one person holding a poster of an aircraft with the word "Innocent" printed on it.

A year on, questions haunt Iran’s downing of Ukrainian plane

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A year after Iran’s military mistakenly downed Ukraine International Airlines Flight PS752 with two surface-to-air missiles, the answers that have emerged from the disaster only seem to lead to more questions.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is shown wearing a traditional white turban while sitting behind a microphone.

Iran starts 20% uranium enrichment, seizes tanker in strait

Conflict & Justice
President Donald Trump is shown sitting at desk speaking with his hands outstretched.

Trump announces travel restrictions; US Congress limits president’s war powers against Iran; SCOTUS takes on immigration-related cases

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University students hold banners as they gather during ongoing anti-government protests in Baghdad, Iraq, Feb. 6, 2020. 

Analysis: Iraqi protesters will likely push forward despite violence

A massive crowd of mourners gathers on the streets of Tehran, Iran.

Killing Soleimani was a ‘hasty’ decision, says former defense undersecretary

a man wearing a green military uniform looks to the left.

US strike kills top Iranian commander


Iran threatened on Friday to hit back hard after a US air strike in Baghdad killed Qasem Soleimani, commander of Iran’s elite Quds Force and architect of its growing military influence in the Middle East.