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Debate picks up over two leading contenders for Federal Reserve chairmanship

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The unofficial race to become the next Chairman of the Federal Reserve is underway and two candidates have leapt in front of the rest. The national discussion is centered entirely on Larry Summers and Janet Yellen, but the White House has been tight-lipped regarding its preference.

Greece’s future uncertain after voters reject austerity supporters

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Keeping the Greek economy from sinking the eurozone

Eurozone leaders hold emergency meeting on debt crisis in Greece

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Uncertainty in Greece After Anti-Austerity Vote

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The New Trickle-Down Economics?

Over the past year, “We are the 99 percent” has become a near-ubiquitous expression of solidarity against income inequality. It’s growing and many cite it as a fundamental problem with our economy. But not Edward Conard, the former managing director of Bain Capital. In a new book called “Unintended Consequences: Why Everything You’ve Been Told […]

The Economic Forecast for 2012

As evidenced by the Congressional debt panel’s failure, MF Global’s $600 million  missing investor funds, and lagging employment numbers, the U.S. has a long way to go in terms of solving the economic problems that created the 2008 financial crisis. And there are plenty of potential pitfalls abroad – China’s inflation rate is at  10 percent, and […]

Saving Greece and the Euro

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In the latest attempt to stabilize the eurozone debt crisis, a number of measures are being discussed according to reports from the weekend’s international meeting in Washington.

As Markets Rise and Fall, Which Numbers Count?

It’s been a week of ups and downs for the U.S. markets, which ended at 600 points down on Monday, rose Tuesday, and  took another nose dive yesterday. But those numbers only tell half of the story.  All week long, experts like our economics editor, Charlie Herman, have reminded our listeners that  a cursory glance at the markets […]

Should Americans Work Until Age 75 to Ease Debt?

As Capitol Hill approaches a deal on the debt ceiling an economist says there’s a simple way for Americans to help erase the country’s debt: work for extra decade beyond the current retirement age of 65.  Pippa Malmgren, who was financial market advisor to George W. Bush from 2001-2002, told The Takeaway on  Thursday  that “the bottom line” […]